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( Wednesday, 13 April 2005 11:21)
My kitchen is really sparkling clean--because V was so wonderful as to clean the whole kitchen while I was out last night--and therefore calling me to come cook. Ah, I'm thinking bread this morning. Maybe for dinner, the roast chicken along with roasted asparagus. Last night watching Iron Chef America, I saw the challenger (parboil?) then cut in half and scoop out the insides of small yellow finns, then (roast?) them until a bit crispy, then fill them with Fonduta (a sort of cheese fondue of melted fontina, egg yolks, and something else I've forgotten). They were topped with bits of proscuitto and lots of shaved white truffle. They looked so good. So I'm thinking to imitate them, possibly subbing another cheese sauce for the fonduta and subbing white truffle oil for the shaved white truffles. Damn, I wish I had some truffles. I'd stuff the thin slices under the skin of my chicken and roast it like that, serve it with the potato skins and roasted asparagus. Maybe even drizzle the asparagus with truffle oil as well, make it a homage to truffles.

Anyway, tentative menu:

Italian Bread
Sexy Potato Skins
Roast Chicken infused with the flavor of (proscuitto, lemon zest, and thyme or rosemary?)
Roasted Asparagus with 10 year aged balsamico and (either unfiltered or Spanish) extra virgin olive oil

And for dessert, something with figs. Yum.


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