The burnt skull of a cat, a gravedigger at work, a skeleton holding an hour glass, these must be avoided altogether if the course of events is to be foreseen. The sorcerer must be absolute in his application of the current of magical power on the sorceress flying by night along a straight line into the centre of his heart. He must be absolute in his application of the current of magical power on the secret going out from his heart to the sorceress seen. The real essence of an attitude of mind is the assumption that things act on one another at a distance through a secret link.


The moon is a witch's cauldron in which she brews the love-philtre that will cause the loss of the sorcerer's reason. Let the moon turn red and descend from the sky, let the stars in their red armour march down as a phalanx against the chemical and mechanical processes of his brain, let the internal fires of his heart wax and wane.


The sorcerer and the sorceress shall cause the stone of the host to vanish into wells, shall cause the present to be a rapid exchange of lightening, shall cause the future to be the mystic drinking of each other's blood.


If the life of a sorcerer is supposed to be bound up with the life of a witch so that any injury to the witch reacts on the sorcerer it is equally believed that the death of the witch will not fail to be manifested by the death of the sorcerer.


A wet or dry ditch, an entanglement, a swamp, a thorn hedge, a spiked palisade, these obstacles vanish into thin air under the spells of the witch certain actions being admittedly automatic.


Some animals have poisonous tongues like the snake
others have medicinal and healing tongues like the puma
therefore the tongue of the puma is a healing stimulant for the
sorcerer because he has the power to transfer its magic to himself


The root of astronomy is to be sought in astrology, of chemistry in alchemy, of sorcery in unreality


The sorcerer has a secret name which is never used. The witch has a secret name which is never used. For the name is as much a part of the person as a limb. But the name must be withheld lest there be anyone who might make a wrong use of it.


Things are distinct from the things to which they are attached -- the incantations of the witch, the rustle of her dress, the sound of her flight through the air, but with the sorcerer lies the secret of the joining together of divided parts


He who sees nothing but sorceresses, hears nothing but incantations, understands nothing but hallucinations, that man is the sorcerer


Magic and witchcraft are the doors to Eternity. The sorcerer who knows walks in. The sorceress who knows walks in. Those who do not know are shut out.


The sorcerer by means of crystal-gazing, by means of shell-hearing, by means of haruspication, by means of sand-divination, by means of necromancy, by means of augury and astrology stores up magic in the accumulator of his heart to transmit by means of dynamical conductors into the heart of the sorceress for she is the receptive force which guides his magic without altering its amount


With the auspicious word sorcerer, with the auspicious word sorceress, with the auspicious word sorcery with these auspicious words I am Ensorcelled


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