Any time the subject of popcorn comes up, I will tell anyone who will listen about this fantastic discovery of mine. If you don't like sweet popcorn, read on! I'm not talking about sweet popcorn. If you do like sweet popcorn, read on! This is seriously delicious.

About three winters ago, I had made mulled wine one night and later wanted popcorn. The pan I use for popcorn was also the one I had mulled the wine in, and I had a crazy idea that it might be interesting to not wash the pan out (it was still sitting on the stove with a thin coating of thick wine goo on its insides) before making the popcorn, letting the popcorn have a bit of the flavor of the wine and mulling spices. I did so and when it came time to season the popcorn, after adding melted butter and salt, my intuition told me to add cinnamon. So of course I did, and created the greatest popcorn known to humankind. (The mulled wine residue didn't actually flavor the popcorn very much...but the *cinnamon* was a discovery!)

The flavor of cinnamon is so warm, it makes this popcorn perfect for winter. But I've found it so addictive that I add cinnamon pretty much every time I make popcorn. I vary the amount though; sometimes I like just the tiniest bit, sometimes quite a lot. A year or two after the discovery of cinnamon popcorn, I discovered olive oil popcorn and improved upon my recipe.

One of the times I was travelling in Italy with my family, we were staying in a villa kind of in the middle of nowhere, Tuscany. My nieces were always in need of snacks, so we had bought some popcorn at the grocery store when we were in town. Nobody in my family had ever made popcorn on the stovetop, besides me. There was no oil in the villa but the olive oil from the grove right outside the door, so I made the popcorn with olive oil. There was no cinnamon, either, but it was delicious with olive oil and salt!

Of course when I next made popcorn at home, I tried olive oil with cinnamon and found a whole new level of popcorn-tastiness. I eventually found that it's even better to top the popcorn with a combination of olive oil and melted butter, along with the cinnamon and salt. I change the proportions of olive oil and butter to suit my tastes, just as I change how much cinnamon I add. But this basic combination is the most divine popcorn can possibly be.

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L word and popcorn please! Do they have popcorn in lidl?
And, sorry your lady thread on tt went to sh1t - by the time i saw it to reply to it was closed; did you ask for it to be? People are w@nkers i must say.

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Hey you two :)
K came round and sorted out the cabling but it's not turned out to be a very good picture. I've asked him to have another fiddle about.
But we could watch things that we have on a "proper" DVD - I've got quite a nice biggish telly. I've still not seen my "talking walls" doodah.

From: [identity profile]

im a lady of many words as you saw then. well i didnt get the comment with this as it only emails the person you directly reply to and the person whose diary it is.. not like tt.. anyway, that sounds GROOVY. 'talking walls doodah' even more so.

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don't shop at lidl i knew you were posh! i'm vegan now though so i can pretend to be bio and new-age but in fact just eat the sweetcorn scrapings off lidl pizzas.
we can have L word at mine then, ive got it set up. even though the latest one was worst yet. and betty can f off, i must say.

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I've never seen any of the L word, so I'm up for watching it, for sure.
I don't mind which series, whatever. I'm flexible, me.

From: [identity profile]

dammit, only just saw this message :(

i'm thinking about squeezing in a curry tomorrow night, are you up for it?

From: [identity profile]

If you make it tt and public then you'll get lots of wankers again.. Did anyone else pm you about it ?

i am on hol next week so it'll have to be the week after , unless it's this friday night

From: [identity profile]

groovy.. which night is not already taken by tt? how about monday? wil you make a topic? If you just call it L word night, only the relevant people will know what that is , so maybe wankers won't reply..?

From: [identity profile]

Am a bit of a livejournal novice, myself, but from what I understood the notification goes to the person who's post I'm responding to and also the owner of the site - is that right?

Anyway, next week is bad for me, but the week after could be OK.
I hope you both get this emailed to you.
Not sure about posting it, sometimes it goes one way, sometimes it goes another. Bit of a lottery, really.

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so speaking of neices in need of popcorn, would you mind sharing your recipe for stovetop popcorn?
i tried it in the microwave (as suggested on the package) and it tasted like microwaved popcorn. ick.
love, sarah


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