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( Friday, 5 December 2008 15:55)
After I wrote about my new training plan, [ profile] maramaye let me know that she's been reading my weightlifting posts and wants to make a similar transformation but feels pretty clueless about what to do. After writing her quite the long reply, I realized that we could help each other out. She can't afford a trainer right now but I can train her for free and learn from the experience. This is a good opportunity for me to try my hand at personal training and see how well I do and how much I like it. I started having thoughts about this path only a few months after I fell so in love with weightlifting--I love to teach and I also like telling people what to do. ;) V has been encouraging me to get on with it but I've had some hesitation because I know I need to learn more and I'm also worried that I'm too bossy/mean/hardcore for most people.

[ profile] maramaye accepted my offer and we've already set her up with a program. So far the entirety of our discussion is contained in the comments to that previous post because we thought it would be helpful to allow others to join in and critique our process or learn along with us. But I'm not sure anyone noticed. It's time to bring this project out into the open, hence this new post.

We're going to continue our discussion in the comments to this post. Additionally, I'm going to create a filter and tag for future posts on this subject (I'm thinking once a week, depending on the volume of comments). LJ probably isn't the best format for this but I think it will work well enough. This will be an opt-in filter, so let me know if you would like to follow [ profile] maramaye's transformation.

[ profile] maramaye's main goal is to speed up her metabolism, so she'll be lifting heavy weights, increasing her general physical activity, and eating much and often.


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